10+ Adorable Pictures of Babies and Their Big Dogs

Nothing melts the heart like a sight of a small baby and her big dog! It doesn’t matter if they are next to a mastiff, pit bull, Rottweiler, German shepherd, or any other breed of big, the combination of a baby with a big dog, pulls out an “Awwww” even from the people with the coldest of hearts. So, in order to melt some hearts and pull some Awwwws, we decided to present you the cutest collection of unbelievably adorable baby photos with their big Dog “Uncles”. Enjoy.

Give Your Uncle Mastiff a Kiss!

When babies are around, big dogs like mastiffs instantly turn into the cuddliest breed. And here is the proof! Look how this Mastiff gently lowered his head to give this newborn a soft kiss for better dreams. This is by far the cutest baby-dog picture we have ever seen, and that is exactly why we had to put it at the beginning of our collection.

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