12 Things You Need To Know About This Upcoming Flu Season


Picture source: frontlineer.com

Even though none of us likes it, we have to agree that, once again, the Flu season is here and it’s just waiting for our immune system to be weak, so that it can attack. The start of the flu season can be as early as October, and it can keep raging to March or April, and sometimes even up to May. The last flu season was basically a typical one. There wasn’t much activity through October and November, but by the end of December, the season has kicked off big style. Medical experts estimate that every year, between 5% and 25% of the people living in America comes down with the flu. Around 200,000 people need to be hospitalized due to the strength of the sickness. Even though the general opinion is that the flu isn’t something that should be considered as an alarming sickness, the reality tells otherwise. What if we told you that every year, literally thousands of people die from the flu, do you still think that it’s not a big deal? Of course, not all people are going to die if they catch a flu, those that fall into the category of the “most risky ones” are small kids, 5 years old and younger, and the very old people, over 65 years of age. Furthermore, people that shouldn’t take the flu as if it was something harmless, are the ones that have health problems like asthma or heart disease, and pregnant women.

After reading all this you are probably thinking: “Are they trying to scare me?”. The answer is No! We are here to let you know that even though the flu is a disease that should be taken seriously, it is not so dangerous if you prevent it from getting into your system. How will you do that? Well, it actually isn’t complicated at all. There are many things you can do to protect your health, and there are also ways to distinguish the flu from a cold, or from some other health problem. Even if you do get down with the flu, there are ways of helping your immune system to fight against the sickness. Continue reading our text, and you will find out what are the top 12 things you will need to know about the flu season that is lurking around the corner.

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