15 Celebrities Who Aged Terribly

Hollywood is not loved just because of the movies it presents, but also because of all the great actors and actresses, as well as musicians and famous personalities who are loved by the whole planet. Glamour and bling – these people are the standard of good looking and many are pretty envious of that! But, would you care about that if you were a superstar? Of course not! Their only concern is to look beautiful and young, and don’t give a dime if someone envies them. However, their good looks comes with a price when they become older… Since most of them have more than one physical improvements, in order to hold on to their young look and blockbuster roles, when they come to a certain age, they literally start to fall apart. They are definitely the perfect example of the famous sentence “Beauty doesn’t last forever.” Who are the stars that lost their beautiful look during the years? Keep on reading to find out.

Lindsay Lohan

Let us start with the fact that Lindsay is not in her 40s or 50s… The truth is that she is in her 30s! But her Hollywood star lifestyle has taken its toll! Too much party hardy, with all kinds of drugs and alcohol makes your body age rapidly… You can see for yourself that she looks like she is well over 40! Okay, going to jail because of Driving Under Influence might have something to do with her look as well. She even once admitted on Opra’s Show, that she just came back from rehab, and that it helped her stay off her favorite drugs of choice, the cocain and Adderall. But judging by her looks, and her problematic public behavior, it seems that the rehab wasn’t with long term effects… It is actually a real shame to see such beauty go to waste thanks to the notorious Hollywood celeb lifestyle…

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