19 Transgender Celebs We Admire

Nowadays, the transgender people are having their “5 minutes” of glory. Whether you like them or not, you have to admit that their “True to yourself” attitude is for admiration, and that they are really achieving and doing what they want, despite all the haters out here. You can see them in almost every field of business! From catwalks, fashion designing, to TV shows, movies, and even owning their own business empires! So, here are the top 21 Transgender Celebs We Admire. And having in mind what they have achieved, they should be admired by everyone.

Lili Elbe

Source: Dailymail / Wikipedia

The first transgender person in the world

In 1930, Einar Mogens Wegener went to Germany to undergo a series of experimental sex reassignment surgeries. Unfortunately, after the operations there were some complications and she died. However, she did manage to live long enough to legally change her name into Lili Elbe.

Lili’s most famous quote:Our assumption as a society that our sex category whether we have male or female genitals has implications to what we would love, what we would like to do and what type of person we will be that also people come in two types, male nature and female nature, this has no scientific basis and people are very different from each other so I try to move from the language of the two sexes are similar or different, to language which means we are all different.”

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