26 of the Most Unusual Sports You Probably Did Not Know Existed

When someone says “Unusual sport”, if the first sport that comes to your mind is curling (the Olympic discipline for janitors), or wakeboarding (snowboarding on water), you are in for a real surprise if you continue reading our list of 26 of the Most Unusual Sports You Probably Didn’t Know Existed! We have gathered some really unusual sports, from some that are just plain old rough but still extremely interesting, to ones that have the same rules like their normal versions, but are way more sexy and even on the borderline of dangerous…

Even though you won’t be seeing none of these sports on the Olympic games anytime soon (but considering that the whole world has gone crazy in the last few years, we wouldn’t be surprised if some actually do make it to the Olympics), most of the sports from our list have their own championships and international competitions, and are considered as professional sports. You are probably thinking “What are they talking about, every sport is considered professional!”, and you are right, but have patients, once you start reading, you will be surprised what is considered as a professional sport these days! ,

So, hold on tight, because you are going to find out in what ways can trampolines, cheese (yes, you read it right… Cheese), brooms, pets, and even irons, be used for sports that take place in the air, down the steep mountain, and underwater, in the unbelievable world of wacky sports! Plus, since all the “Normal” sports have their pause periods, you might even find a sport to follow when football players, or formula 1 drivers are on a break, or strike… Let’s begin!

1. Extreme Ironing

Picture Source: adventureherald.com

The people who are considered as professionals in this sport, have a pretty humorous definition of their discipline. They say that Extreme Ironing is “the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt”… What can we say after that?!  Let us explain it a little bit. If you want to be a professional extreme ironer… or extreme ironman, if you prefer it better that way, all you need to do is to take your iron and ironing board to virtually any place that comes to your mind. You can iron your shirt, or pants, or whatever you want, in a forest, on top of a building, in a cave (does this mean that Batman has been a professional extreme ironman for years now?), on top of your car, maybe while you have sex??… anywhere, and any time you want. And if you want to be an ace in this sport, you can try skydiving with your iron and ironboard like the guys in the picture.


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