40+ Annoyingly Awkward Wedding Photos

The funny thing about weddings… When that day comes, everyone is trying to be the one that will be remembered as “The one that spiced up the big day!”. However, the down side of that is the fact that not all folks have the same sense of humor… Luckily for us, nowadays everything, and I mean literally EVERYTHING is either filmed or immortalized in photos! For some, these photos will stick around them as a bad reminder of what not to do in the future… While for the rest of us, well, we will just have a laugh! Don’t miss out on 40 plus, and a few more Annoyingly Awkward Wedding Photos!

Source: tcmag

We are not sure if the maie of honor is an adult movie star or not, but that is one serious deep-throating moment they have there! At first it looks like an optical illusion, but, it actually isn’t… Weird!

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