6 Iron-Rich Meet Free Food Combos

Have you ever thought about what would happen to your body if you start cutting down on meat? Will you be able to compensate the lack of iron in any other way? Yes, we know that there is iron in the veggies, but the iron from the plants doesn’t get in our system in the same amount as the one that comes from animal meat. Just 2% to a maximum of 20% veggie iron finds its way from our bellies to our blood. With meat, that percentage goes from 15% to a maximum of 35%. However, there is a way to boost the iron intake from the veggies! Just add some vitamin C! It will boost the amount of iron that reaches your blood stream by six times. To save you some time, we have prepared a list of six iron-rich and vitamin C filled, plant-fruit combinations, easily prepared, for everyday use. But, you don’t have to stop there, you can mix it any way you want and discover even tastes that realy suit you. Have fun, eat healthy and play!

Dark chocolate (iron) with strawberries (C)

Via vegkitchen

Did you know that the dark chocolate is a great source of iron? Not many know that. And is there a better and the most delicious, vitamin C source than fresh strawberries? We think not! You can have it just the way they are, break the chocolate and have it with fresh strawberries. Or, to add some passion, melt the dark chocolate and dip the strawberries in it… Or, for a nice healthy breakfast, add chopped dark chocolate and sliced strawberries to an oatmeal. For a snack, mix them in a smoothie with a Greek yogurt.


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