Celebrities Who Fixed Their Creepy Smiles

Nobody wants to have a smile that makes people sick, and that goes double for celebrities.  For them, getting away with bad teeth is near to impossible! For most mortals, dental surgery is out of the question because it costs a small fortune. But, thanks to money, which the celebs have plenty of, those beautiful pearly white smiles are the first thing they upgrade when it comes to making themselves more pretty. However, thanks to paparazzi and internet, their former smiles will never be forgotten, and after seeing what we prepared, you will never look at celebrities the same again. For some of them you probably already knew, but some of them will probably come as a surprise. So, here we go!

Charlie Sheen

He was famous before, but with “Two and a half men” and with a more recently featured series “Anger Management”, Charlie Sheen became one of the most recognized actors on the market. Now, Charlie has a pearly white smile, but not many remember how his jaw looked like when he entered the world of Showbizz! Let’s just say that his smile was more golden than pearly…


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