Celebrities That Had Kids While They Were Still Kids!

There are so many teen mothers out there, that we can’t even imagine the number! Unfortunately, it seems that the kids these days, don’t pay too much attention during biology class… One would think that among celebs with, money, good education, the best contraception the money can buy, they won’t be so irresponsible and have a child while they are still practically kids! But, one would be wrong… So here are some of the most famous celebrities that had kids while they were still kids!

Lill Wayne

Now Lill Wayne, he is a real playa! He can even prove it! He had game even when he was 15 years old… Which is exactly when he became a father for the first time! He even had time to make three other children with three different women, and by his 26, he was probably the youngest father with four kids. Guess now we know why his pants are always half down… he isn’t wasting time, that’s for sure! One more interesting fact, Lill Wayne has 4 Grammys, just like the number of kids… If he wins the fifth Grammy, can we expect another Lill Wayne Junior to see the light of the day?


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