Scent of Fame – Top 24 Celebrity Perfumes

2. “Glam” by Kim Kardashian

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Yet another celebrity that is not famous for being popular for something smart or interesting, but nevertheless, everyone knows about her, either by the TV reality show, or her private video… Thus, the idea of smelling like Kim Kardashian is a downer for many women, and many will choose some other celebrity scent (if they must have a celeb perfume at all cost). However, just like with Paris, they don’t know what they are missing! This perfume smells so unbelievable, and that floral-fruity combination will make you forget that it wears the name of a celebrity that is popular for no real reason. Kim Kardashian’s Glam offers notes of rose, jasmine, tuberose, iris butter, and sandalwood. For those of you who are unsure if you want to wear a floral or a fruity scent, this perfume comes as an excellent solution! You can wear both, and you will feel all flirty and girly! Ideal for women who are playful, or at least want to become that.



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