She-Sheds Popping Out All Over the World – Girls Versions of Man Caves

Every woman knows that a man needs his space, and every woman will give it to him, if he deserves it… But has any man ever stopped and thought “Do women need their space?”. Yes, boys! Girls need their space and their girl caves also! However, girls caves are not actual caves, like boys have. They have She-Shed, their much more sophisticated and prettier versions of messy, smelly man caves. These are their alternative place to relax and get away from everybody, including men… Actually, especially men!

The difference between a man cave, which is usually a part of the house, hidden somewhere in the attic or in the basement, she-sheds are usually placed in gardens, or at the beach, or any other “magical” place where they can be alone with their thoughts… The design of the she-shed is not limited and they allow themselves to be as creative as they want to be. Some girls made their sheds to have a reading area, while others transformed their little private hideout into a craft room or even a mini yoga studio.

Do you love the idea? We know that we definitely do. The next step? Building one of your own? But, where to begin?? That’s where we jump in with inspiration! Take a look at the pictures below and maybe you will find what you are looking for, to turn it into a vision of your dreamy secret hideout… And don’t worry, your secret is safe with us

1. Cornfield Oasis

2. Pinewood Personal Book club

3. Mediterranean Escape



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