The Top 21 Celebrities Who Had Their Body Parts Insured

For us mortals, insurance on our car, house, or life, is important, but for celebs, insurance on their body parts is more important! However, having in mind that their perfect body parts can make or break their careers, this is not a strange thing. Many of them have insured their lives, but most of them have insured their boobs, butts, legs, and even chest hair! Some have even insured their tongues… We can only guess how high is the insurance premium for these special kid of insurances. And that is why we have decided to make a list of The
Top 30 Celebrities Who Had Their Body Parts Insured. Let’s begin.

1. Jennifer Lopez

Via heightandweights

J. Lo, the popular pop singer and actress, decided that she wants to insure her even more famous booty, and we totally understand why she wanted to do that… I mean, C’mon! Look how beautiful that booty is, it would be such a shame if something happened to it. You wanna know on how much she insured her behind? $300 million dollars! Not sure if the Insurance Company actually will make some money on this policy, because, with that kind of money invested in an insurance policy, it has to cover anything that could possibly happen to her lovely Latina Booty! We are talking about scratches, bruises, cellulite, fat, and any other kind of medical and physical condition. Having in mind that she does a lot of dancing during her videos, tours, and in private life, just a little tear of her gluteal muscles could bring her plenty of cash.



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