The Top 21 Celebrities Who Had Their Body Parts Insured

2. Mariah Carey

One would think that Mariah Carey, the gorgeous pop singer with an amazing voice, would insure her voice, but, she actually it was her legs that got the insurance. Ten years ago, Mariah insured her legs for an amazing amount, $1 billion dollars to be precise! Yup, you read billion, not million! We can’t even imagine the monthly payments for that type of policy. This is definitely the highest policy by any celebrity in the world, ever! Even though she doesn’t sing and do tours anymore, she still pays for that insurance… We can only wonder why?? Maybe she just wants to feel secure… And at the end, it’s her money, she can do with it whatever she wants, right? We are guessing that her policy covers pretty much everything that can go wrong with her legs. Car accidents, bruises, shave cuts… everything that happens to her legs has to be paid, and paid really good.


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