Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World

Cars that cost more than Million US Dollars are just so much more than just a machine that will transport you from point A to point B. These cars actually represent a way of life for some people, and even though there aren’t many that will have the privilege of driving one of the cars from our list, not to mention to own one, there is this famous 1% of all the people on the planet that can actually buy the most expensive cars in the world. These pieces of art on wheels are actually the “1% population’s” embodiment of priorities, and in their world, warp speed and luxury are more important than efficiency and practicality. However, if we put the billionaire lifestyle criticisms aside, you will see that these cars are truly amazing in every way, and definitely no one would have anything against having one of these parked in his garage. That is why we decided to create a list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World. If we can’t buy one, we can at least look at it and dream of storming down some long straight road with god knows how many horses behind our back!

Just to make it clear, the list we have made consists of cars that are recently made, and are road-legal production vehicles. We didn’t include classic cars that were sold at auctions, because those prices are not realistic, those prices came as a result of “Billionaire Testosterone Showdowns”. We have also limited our list to one version per model, meaning that you shouldn’t expect 10 different versions of, for example, the famous Bugatti Veyron.

So, whether you your father is Bill Gates, or Tony Stark, or no one famous, these cars are here for your pleasure! So without further ado, here are the most expensive and most jaw dropping rides you will ever lay your eyes on. Some people say: “Money can’t buy happiness”, we guess that they didn’t see this list, because if they did, they would definitely change their opinion!

10. Zenvo ST1 

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Price: $1.2M

Opening our list is a vehicle that is more a beast with wheels than a car. The name of this beast is the Zenvo ST1. This amazing hypercar is produced in Zealand, Denmark, and it comes with an unbelievable number of horses in its stable. Behind drivers back, you will find a monster of an engine, a 6.8 l V8 unit, that is paired with one turbocharger and one supercharger. They are not kidding at all! If you are wondering how much HP is this insane engine-chargers combination capable of delivering, we will just tell you that it comes with 1,104 ponies, and they can generate 1,054 lb-ft of torque. All this power is transferred to ST1’s rear wheels.

Unfortunately for the Danish car maker, the ST1, which is mostly hand-built by the way, has a black spot in its resume. During Top Gear, a famous Car TV Show, the Zenvo ST1 was tested on their famous test track. It is enough to say that during the test runs, the car constantly broke down, made much slower lap times than expected, and caught fire in the engine bay at the end… Needless to say is that the car has been surrounded with controversy since then.

The manufacturer disputed the TV Show’s claims, saying that the network only broadcasted the ST 1’s bad laps, and that hours of extreme driving would make any other car go up in flames as well. But even with that controversy, the car’s sexy futuristic looks and alien-like sound coming out of the exhausts is something that will make you forget all about the Top Gear review. We know that we would gladly welcome this beast into our car collection. What about you?

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