Top 12 Weirdest Celebrity Couples Ever

Let’s face it, we all love reading news about new celebrity couples, especially if the match is pretty weird and unexpected. Whether we want to admit it or not, this little guilty pleasure is 5 minutes of letting our “I will be a Star one day” side live and be happy. Sometimes it’s like: “Damn, he is dating that Victoria’s Secret model again… He didn’t wait for me!”, but there are also times when new hope rises, and it’s like: “Woohoo! She left that jerk! I am moving to L.A. and marrying that woman!”. Most of the times it’s: “How the hell did they end up together?!?” We say most of the times because of the sea of mismatched couples in Hollywood that simply goes out of the range of “normal” couples. It’s like the celebs are thinking that, if they date someone from their own world, that person is by default a good match for them, and understands how it is being a celebrity, even if they are far, FAR away from being a match made in heaven! But, sooner or later the pink clouds disperse, the rainbow goes away, and the ugly truth about both, swims up to the surface. Ever wondered why there are so many divorces among celebs? Well, there is your answer. So, to make your “I will be a Star one day” side happy, we have decided to create a list of the Top 12 Weirdest Celebrity Couples Ever, and who knows, maybe this list bring back some of your own memories from the time when you were not thinking that much, who you were dating… When you are done with famous couples, if you are still in a mood for some interesting Hollywood movies facts, you can check out our list of
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Without further ado, here are the Weirdest Hollywood Couples.

12. Jake Gyllenhaal & Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift looks like a forbidden fruit! And that usually means that you will get into trouble. Just look what happened to poor Adam that once lived in the heavenly garden… Mothers have always warned their sons to be careful with girls like Taylor, young, but dressing up like an old lady. On the other hand, you have Jake, who looks like a classic American rugged gentleman, who will fall in love with a beautiful young princess (a princess that was earning $1 million daily, the entire 2015!), and get heartbroken at the end of the song. And, that is exactly how their “song” went… From October in 2010, to January 2011, Jake and Taylor were “madly” in love, and they were seen holding hands and giggling like teenagers, okay, some of them were teenagers then, but, nevertheless, they looked like they were going to last even though they are two different worlds. But, it turned out that all she wanted from him was a way to get in the music charts. After they crashed and burned, Jake appeared to be taking the breakup like a real gentleman, and keeping his sadness for himself. But, as we already mentioned, there were teenagers involved in this relationship, and like every other angry teenage girl after break up, Taylor used her “sadness” to create “art”. She used her experience with Jake to make hit songs like “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” We can only imagine what went through Jake’s mind after hearing that song …


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