Top 14 Celebrity Gold Diggers That Struck Gold

For most of us, the way to become rich is by working long hours, double shifts, or even more jobs at once, or dedicating years of your life in making an invention that will change the world (and add a bonus of making you filthy rich). However, there is also another kind of people, for whom being able not to work and still be rich is a dream, and so many of them are really ready to do anything to make that dream come true. This includes the infamous “Gold Digers”, who seek a rich future husband, or wife, and spend a couple of years in the marriage, and become rich after the divorce. The poor, rich bastards are usually so blinded by love, that they forget to make a pre-nup, and end up paying a fortune to their “dear” ex wives, or husbands. Even though gold digging isn’t a method of becoming rich by an honorable way, it is still very popular, and used frequently. Now you are probably thinking: “By now, the rich bachelors have probably become paranoid, and wouldn’t even think of getting married without making a contract that would protect their wealth”… Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you and tell you that even after years since the gold digging first showed up, when standing (or lying) in front of a super hot, young, naked body, the pre-nup is the last thing on your mind… And that especially goes for celebs that are in a certain, not so young age.

For this occasion, we have decided to make a list of Top 15 Celebrity Gold Diggers That Struck Gold, and hopefully remind the rich and famous bachelors or single ladies among you, that you should think twice (and consult your attorney) before you say “I do”.

14. Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson

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Oksana Grigorieva is a Russian, musician, songwriter, and a singer. But, you probably don’t recognize her from any of these genres, and that’s because her musical career is not as famous as her career of a gold digger. She was known for hooking up with Mel Gibson, and having a child with him. They were a couple only a year, but it was more than enough for Oksana to try and get her hands on Mel’s money. Even though they split after a year, Mel wanted to be a man that would provide for his child, and offered Grigorieva $15 million to just walk away from everything. An experienced gold digger would have taken that cash and moved on to a next target, but Oksana thought that she would get more money if she took it to court. However, after looking at the case, the judge didn’t need too much time to decide that Mel should cash out only $750,000, as well as a house where Roksana and the child could live until the child is 18 years old. As you can see, instead of turning her dream into reality, her lack of experience and the lust for money resulted in making a mistake, a mistake that will probably be a nightmare that will haunt her through the rest of her life.

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