Top 16 of The Most Dangerous Female Villains Ever

2. Griselda Blanco

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The infamous “Godmother of Cacaine”, Griselda is responsible for dozens revenge killings in the drug wars of Miami, and numerous ordered murders. Thanks to her drug distribution network in the States, she was able to put millions of dollars in her retirement fund, every single month since her drug business started going well. She was on top of the American drug industry, and had hard core loyal employees, who had no problems in carrying out her extremely bloody and violent orders, making her a woman that many were afraid of. She even came up with a brilliant plan how to transport the cocaine to the U.S. without getting caught, by placing the drugs in lingerie with secret compartments. Lingerie that was made in her own lingerie exporting company, which she only opened as a cover for her illegal drug business. Griselda got arrested in 1985, and after spending almost 20 years in jail, in 2004, she got deported to Colombia. Every one though that she had retired from the cocain business, and supposedly she had, but at the end, she was killed in her own trademark ordered-kill style, shoot by a passing motorcycle.

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