Top 29 Dog Breeds That are Perfect for Living in an Apartment

If you are planning on getting a dog, and you live in an apartment, the important thing to know is that in this case, size does matter, and smaller is better.┬áLong legs and giant paws in most cases don’t go great with small living spaces, not to mention all the fragile items you might have placed around your flat. OK, not that we got that covered, it’s time to move on to next factors that should be included when choosing your dog. Even though the size is very important, it is not the only factor that you should consider before bringing your cute pooch in your apartment, and you should also take into consideration the energy level of your new flatmate, how much noise he will make (is that breed known for barking all the time, or howling at night), and even how friendly the breed you are planning on taking in is to people, as well as to other dogs. When you figure out which of these factors are important to you, and which dog habits you want to avoid, you can actually decide on what breed will best suit you. In order to help you with choosing your perfect pooch, we have decided to make a list of Top 29 Dog Breeds That are Perfect for Living in an Apartment. Here they are.

1. Basenji

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If you have thin walls and nervous neighbors, the Basenji dog breed is perfect for your apartment. This dog is literally barkless, and it rarely grows more than 18 inches, and goes over 25 pounds. However, even though it doesn’t make a sound, if you leave it alone in your apartment for a longer period of time, it can get very naughty and create a mess.


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