Top 30 Bizarre Alternate Movie Realities

As if our reality isn’t bizarre enough, movie directors had to make movies with even more bizarre alternate realities. However, after seeing a few of these movies, we cannot help but wonder how our life would be if some of these alternate realities were true… So, we offer you our list of Top 30 Bizarre Alternate Movie Realities, and what we think the world would look like if the movie directors were right.

1. Labyrinth (1986)

Via drunkmoviezone

In Reality:

From the dawn of mankind, teenage girls babysitting their infant siblings, have complained about the entire situation is an injustice. But even with all their complaints, the only thing that was being changed, were the diapers…

How it Looks in Movie Reality:

In an enchanted world of giant furry monsters, talking worms and goblins, held inside a giant labyrinth, the sounds of a moody adolescent cry, causes all creatures to appear. The Goblin King, Power ballad maestro, lures babies away to his castle.

If Movie Reality Was Real:

Every time someone whined about doing something they didn’t like, they would risk to turn up in a labyrinth, just that they could be taught a lesson.


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