Top 30 Items You Must Have On Your Checklist If A Zombie Apocalypse Starts

With the zombie apocalypse genre blossoming in the last couple of years, and all the movies and TV shows with the living dead being aired on all possible channels, there isn’t a single day when the thought of a possible zombie outbreak comes to your mind, right? Well, at least in our case it is like that. But what if it really happens? If we are not prepared for it, we will probably join the hordes of “the Walking Dead” in a day or two after the outbreak. Ok, somehow we have decided to be ready for the apocalypse, and gather all the necessary equipment before the end starts, but then a thought occurs “What the hell do I need to survive?” We all know that a lot of weapons and survival tools will be needed to fight off the zombies, and even humans who will most likely use this as an opportunity to switch to “barbarian killer mode” and kill everything that stands in their way, whether it’s a zombie or you. However, since there is so much gear on the market, how do you know where to start and what to get? With so much gear on the market, picking the gear that can mean the difference between life and death, can be hard. But, fear not, we have done the research and strategic planning for you, and all you have to is to write down our list of the Top 30 Items You Must Have on Your Checklist if a Zombie Apocalypse Starts. Before we begin with the list, we have to say that finding all the items may be expensive, but it is better to pay a little and be ready for the worse case scenario, than to have to do your shopping when the undead are already walking freely on the streets. And of course, if an apocalypse of any kind, doesn’t happen in the end, at least you will have one hell of a camping gear!

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