Top 30 Video Games Of All Time

When it comes to picking the favorite game, or the best one, it is really a hard task. Just like with movies, or comics, or books, it is a matter of personal taste. However, even if you might disagree with some of our choices, we still managed to create a list of Top 30 Video Games of All Time. As we just said, you might not agree with us with some choices, but if you are a true gamer in your soul, will like most of these games, and even find out about some you haven’t tried playing, and believe us, all the games from our list are definitely worth trying.

Of course, we did have some parameters when choosing from millions of different great video games out there. Our list includes a range of video games that go from the ’80s to present day, and games that were made for more modern gaming consoles, so you won’t be seeing games that were made for the Atari or other ancient consoles. Furthermore, we didn’t choose just one game and put it on a list, but rather the entire series or franchise. Our personal experience and gamer reviews were also taken into consideration when picking the games for the list. One more thing, all the games from the list are either still available for sale, or were re-released in the meantime, meaning that if you see one that you would really like to try out, you will be able to buy it from Amazon, or eBay, or in a game shop. Without further ado, we present you the best games ever! Enjoy!

30. “Silent Hill” (franchise)

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Even though this game has parts that will make you jump out of your seat or drop your controller, just like most of horror video games, Konami put the main focus on psychological terror, which scares your brain more than your senses, and that is why real horror-survival-game fans keep coming back to this franchise. It doesn’t matter which game of the franchise you play, every time you will find yourself in the fictitious American town of “Silent Hill”, roaming through the foggy streets and dark abandoned buildings. Maybe even more than you would love to, you will be forced to face monsters that are great material for nightmares. So, if you never played this game, expect goosebumps and cold sweat!


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