Top 30 Video Games Of All Time

29. “Resident Evil” (franchise)

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This game is actually the main reason why the “Zombie Apocalipse” is so IN these days! It all started with this video game, believe it or not. Today, “Resident Evil” has over 20 sequels and remakes, and even a series of blockbuster movies, where the main character is the sexy Mila Jovovich. This franchise has an unbelievable number of sold games so far, and that number goes over 61 million games! What is so interesting about this game that makes it so popular? Well, it is the story that sells it actually, and throughout the entire franchise, the story revolves around the evil Umbrella Corporation and their experiments on living beings, and how they released the virus that turns humans into zombies, the infamous T-virus! All we can say is GREAT JOB Capcom!


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