Top 31 Weird and Beautiful Marriage Traditions From Around The Globe You Probably Never Heard Of

2. The Blackening of the Bride

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There is one pretty nasty tradition that comes from Scotland. This is one of those pre-wedding traditions that might make you think twice before deciding to get married. The tradition is called “Blackening of the bride” but it also involves the groom as well. Before saying the “I do’s” the bride and the groom are being “decorated” with food garbage, and the garbage has to include rotten fish and eggs… Yes, even the thought about being covered with that makes you sick, doesn’t it? Well, be lucky that you are not getting married in Scotland, and for those who are… Tough luck. The tradition is believed to bring good luck to the newlyweds, and it is also believed if they can endure this process together, they will be able to endure anything that life will throw at their marriage in the future. Kind of makes sense…

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