Top 50 Facts About Sex You Probably Didn’t Know

Okay, I know that “You know now everything there is to know about sex” and that “You can’t possibly learn anything new”. But, are you sure? I mean, the fact that you clicked on this text shows that, either you are among the few that will admit that they are not a “sex god” and that they want to find out more on this subject, or you are surfing in the Incognito Window, and that the “doubt worm” inside your head thinks that there might be a possibility that you will find out something new about sex. In both cases, I am glad you are here because I have done a thorough research on the web, and discovered some facts that will surely amaze you (I have to admit that a pretty large number of the fact you are about to read surprised me as well). But, let’s cut to the chase. Here are the Top 50 Facts About Sex You Probably Didn’t Know.

1. Did you know that, during sex, your body burns around 200 calories. This includes a half hour of active sex. Foreplay doesn’t count.

Via popsugar


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