Top 9 Healthy Alcohol Drinks

2. Michelada

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Ingredients: Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, Valentina hot sauce, ice, sea salt, lager, and limes

This combination of various hot flavors is maybe the best cure for a bad hangover that ever existed! It’s really great for any occasion. This refreshing cocktail adds a salty, spicy, twist on beer, but it also offers a myriad of healthy stuff that is good for your body.

Even though beer is not that healthy if you drink tons of it, it is made from cereals (rice, barley, and some other grains) and it fills your daily carb quota. And if you didn’t know, beer first started as an energy food, and not as a mainly alcoholic beverage. Even though beer isn’t considered as a low calorie drink, there are plenty of light beers that offer no more than 100 calories. For example, you can use the Corona Light for your Michelada, but for the best taste, you should use Modelo Especial or Tecate.

Another healthy ingredient in this cocktail is the lime juice. This juice is filled with vitamin C, which is famous as an immune booster, and a neutralizer of free radicals that are known for damaging skin tissues and cells.

The Mexican Valentina hot sauce is a sauce made of… you have probably guessed it, hot chili peppers. But, if you can’t find this sauce, Tapatio, Cholula, Buffalo or Tabasco, Red Devil, or even Texas Pete, will do the job just fine. Scientists have discovered that chili peppers, lower your appetite and speed up your metabolism. This means that you will eat less and bur faster everything you eat. Furthermore, the oil that is the main reason chili peppers are hot, the capsaicin, helps preventing the prostate cancer. Also, in many countries around the world, chili peppers are used to improve digestion.

Worcestershire sauce has already been a healthy cocktail on its own, even without the rest of the Michelada ingredients. It comes with vitamin B6 filled foods, like garlic, chili pepper extract, cloves, and molasses. All of these ingredients are well known for helping your body maintain nervous system function, and build red blood cells. Furthermore, it comes with the hard-to-get vitamin K (which protects against bone loss and hemorrhaging), and it is stuffed with vitamin C, antioxidants, and niacin, which helps you digest better.

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