14 Examples of Plastic Surgeries Gone Horribly Wrong!


For most people, the plastic surgery is a thing they would do only in a case of emergency. For example, if unfortunately an accident occurs, and such procedure is needed. Otherwise, makeup and tight clothes are just fine with most people (When I say most people I mean women, but in some cases even men). But, who knows, when the certain age comes, maybe even the ordinary non-plastic surgery fans might consider doing it… The body changes, skin gets older and more saggier… Certain body parts start moving and staying in places they didn’t 20 years ago…

But, when it comes to Hollywood, you can forget everything I just said! I believe that you know that this kind of procedures are considered Normal there…  And, the jobs the Hollywood Nip and Tuck “masters” are capable of doing are really breathtaking, both in the cases of celebrity and normal people! But… Even among those high-payers, there are cases when their “Dream plastic surgery” went horribly wrong! So, it made me think… It seems that even the highest price doesn’t guarantee you that you will not wake up from anesthesia looking like a monster or Johnny Preety, in the best case scenario. It all comes down to finding a damn good surgeon! Also, I think that it is needless to say that if a surgeon is smiling and offering you a great deal for his services, you need to get the hell out of there!

So, for those who are maybe thinking about getting a nose job, or a pair of new boobs, here are some of the best examples of complicated it can get when a plastic surgery is cheaper, or done by a not so good expensive surgeon… Remember, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you go to a trusted and highly skilled surgeon if you don’t want to end up like the people on our list! Let’s begin!


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