14 Examples of Plastic Surgeries Gone Horribly Wrong!

Daryl Hannah


Back in the 80’s, she was one of the sex icons… Men loved her for her looks, while women loved her for her advocacies and talents. Okay, as a sex icon, we understand that as you age, you have a certain obligation to hold on to your good looks as long as you can, but that can also be achieved with a proper diet, taking care of your skin, and simply accepting the fact that aging gracefully is quite acceptable! But no, Daryl had to go under the knife and get injections of toxins… However, it seems that she picked the wrong surgeon because she now looks even older than she should! Allegedly, she didn’t have any plastic surgeries, but c’mon, just look at the right photo! Does that look like a woman with a natural face?? Hell no! It is obvious that some Botox was involved, as well as facelifts, cheek implants… and who knows what else!  It’s sad how this once beautiful and exotic looking blonde, ruined her beauty in pursuit of eternal beauty… Such irony…


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