15 Cures to Help You Survive the Hangover Sunday

Isn’t the weekend night out the best thing ever? After a long week of working, there is nothing better than the moment when you meet your friends and the drinking marathon starts! However, those great moments (that you don’t remember after) don’t come without a price… Yup, we are talking about the dreadful hangover! The great feeling of having a fun weekend instantly vanishes when you wake up with a feeling of being run over by a bus… And the worse thing is that it doesn’t go away after a few minutes, it sticks with you the entire day… Some say that there isn’t a cure for a hangover, but that is incorrect! You can cure your hangover, and return among the living in a matter of an hour or two!

So, for all you weekend drinkers, here are the best 15 cures that will make the infamous hangover go away! Read carefully!

Take A Shower

Before anything else, you need to take a shower! There are two main reasons for that. First, you definitely stink! Second, it will refresh you and make you feel much better. Only after a shower can you try other hangover curing methods from our list.


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