22 Unforgettable Embarrassing Celebrity Moments

We all have embarrassing moments, but usually, there are no cameras around to record that. However, if you are a celeb and you have an embarrassing moment, there are always tons of photographers around to capture that unwanted moment and feed the hungry mob on the Internet. So, in order to satisfy your celeb embarrassment hunger, we have decided to gather up some of the greatest Embarrassing Celebrity Moments and present them to you. Some of them are new and maybe you haven’t seen them yet, while others are old, but gold! Try not to laugh too hard!

Zac Efron Dropping a Condom On the Red Carpet

Usually, you don’t take condoms when going to a children movie premiere… But when being so hot like Zack… It is best to be always prepared, right? While walking the Red Carpet, a condom fell out of his pocket! And naturally, everyone noticed! It was a somewhat an embarrassing moment, but he survived it with a smile. Well, what can we say, it is nice that he is always prepared!

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