28 Examples of Perfectly Timed Photos Of Walmart People

Working at Walmart can be pretty stressful, mostly because all kinds of people come there. Some are cool, some are polite, some have great manners, while others don’t even know what that word means. But being a Walmart employee has one upside and that is – You get to laugh at all the stupid people do, or the way they are dressed. So, in order to celebrate the hardworking people of Wallmart, we decided to gather 30 photos of what they have to deal every day. Thanks to peopleofwalmart.com, we managed to find some really great perfectly timed photos. Enjoy.

1. My Momma Bought Me this Shirt!

Source: peopleofwalmart.com

I don’t know how people dress where this guy comes from, but in the rest of the world, this is considered rude…

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