Movie Stars Who Haven’t Came Out Of The Closet… Yet!

Coming out of the closet is really hard for plain old mortals who “Only” have to deal with family and friends, and the local society… But when you are a celebrity, the stress factor skyrockets! Besides family and friends, celebs who want to share their sexuality, have to deal with the entire world! Imagine the pressure! That is why we decided to make a list of movie stars who had that “Gay badge” but haven’t publicly defined their sexuality… So that we help them out a little!


Even though the fact that Tyler dresses up as a woman can’t be a proof that he is gay, it certainly doesn’t help him convince the world that he isn’t! There were rumors that he was dating Joshua Sole, but he denied it… He actually has a pregnant girlfriend.. So, we are really not sure about this one… But, again, if the internet says you are gay… You’re gay…


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