Scent of Fame – Top 24 Celebrity Perfumes

It all started with Elizabeth Taylor, when she released her perfume back in 1988, and since then, the trend of making your own perfume among celebrities has been on the rise. For those who have the desire to smell like someone famous, picking out the right perfume might be a bit difficult, since nowadays, every time you turn around, a new fragrance is being released by someone famous. I mean really, even the “Jersey Shore” star, Snooki has her own perfume! Who would want to smell like her?! With that being said, you are probably aware that in the sea of celebrity perfumes, finding the perfect one, and by perfect we mean the one that actually has a nice scent and doesn’t cost like $5000, is a really tough task. But, don’t worry, it is possible, and our list of Top 24 Celebrity Perfumes will help you to get at least an idea which ones are good, and what scent to expect from them.

1. “Paris Hilton” by Paris Hilton

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This is a top pick by many girls, and many think that “Paris Hilton” by Paris Hilton is the best celebrity perfumes you can find nowadays. But let’s get something straight first! We all know how eccentric Paris is, and most of the people don’t like her, thus, most of the people (we mean women) are not even considering buying her perfume. But, that is a huge mistake, believe us. Okay, we don’t like her that much either, but that doesn’t mean her perfume is not good. As a matter of fact, the scent is actually so addicting that no one can resist it! Especially men. It comes with notes of sandalwood, peach, mimosa, apple, ylang ylang, Freesia, oak moss, and jasmine. The perfect combination of fruity and floral scents makes this perfume ideal for the spring and summer seasons.



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