Top 12 Most Powerful Cars On The Planet


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We all know about the famous Rear Drive Vipers that come from the Dodge factory, and a part of that famous family is the SRT Viper, which comes not only with some breath taking sexy body lines, massive rear wing and huge wheels, but with the strongest engine of all Vipers. Under the hood, you will find a is a powerful 8.4 liter V-10 engine, capable of pumping out as much as 645 hp. Thanks to the 600 pound-feet of torque this unit produces, and the RWD, you will be able to burn back tires and make some awesome donuts on the asphalt, and reach the top speed of 206 mph. It can be yours for around $460,000, but you can add $16,000 and buy the limited edition “Time Attack” package, that top speed goes down a bit, 193mph, but the car is more aerodynamic and has additional 200 pounds of downforce.

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