Top 12 Weirdest Celebrity Couples Ever

11. Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow

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You may remember the famous rapper, and a man that was married to Pamela Anderson (not Tommy Lee, the other one), but you definitely remember the ultra famous country singer, Sheryl Crow. Now, once you finish remembering how both of them look, imagine those two together as a coupleā€¦ Hard to imagine, right? Well, as hard as it is to imagine those two together, they did actually date for a while back in 2002, well at least that’s what the rumors were saying, and there are plenty of photos to prove it. Okay, we get it, again the “celeb dates only celebs” thing, but it is really hard to picture Cheryl Crow dating anyone, while for Kid Rock that goes without saying. Either way, it looks like they are capable of sharing their love, and on every photo they look happy. The Country-Rap-we-love-America romance lasted for a short period, and they both went on with their lives like nothing ever happened. Cheryl continued her career, and as far as “Kid” goes, we wonder what ever happened to him?


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