Top 14 Celebrity Gold Diggers That Struck Gold

13. Amy Irving and Steven Spielberg

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Amy Irving is not a gold digger in the traditional sense, and she was actually famous and relatively rich during the 70s. She was nominated for the Academy Award for her role in “Yentl,” and had a couple of other big roles after that, but she actually became famous for dating Steven Spielberg. The today’s God of Blockbusters, was not that famous back then, and they didn’t even have a happy marriage, since Amy had an affair with Willie Nelson. They split up, and wouldn’t you know it, Stiven became ultra famous and successful, not to mention filthy rich, after that. In the meantime, Amy’s fame and fortune started to fade, and she became desperate to get back together with Steven. She even tried to get the role of Marion in Spelberg’s mega hit, “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” but he decided to have his revenge, and not give her the role. Eventually, Amy managed to win him back, and even managed to score $100 million after they got divorced, not long after the marriage. If you are wondering how in the world did she manage to trick him and get all that money?… Well, it seems that Spielberg had E.T. for an attorney, because only the alien would have advised him that a pre-nup written on a piece of napkin is a winner in court.

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