Top 14 Celebrity Gold Diggers That Struck Gold

12. Shawn Southwick and Larry King

Picture Source: stormfront

One of the biggest names, if not the biggest, when it comes to TV hosts, is definitely Larry King. He was an inspiration for many young reporters, who today are major TV personalities. Over the years, Larry has earned some serious cash, and it didn’t take long for some long legged gold digger to start “dancing” around him, and to try and get her sticky fingers on his money. A beautiful blonde named Shawn, managed to rope Larry into marriage, and this was a topic many were talking about because she is 26 years younger than him. After a while, she did file for a divorce, but decided to go back to him once she found out that, due to King’s past bankruptcies, she wouldn’t receive much money. He took her back with open hands, and we don’t blame him, I mean, at his age, finding an honest young partner that is not after your money is impossible. So he probably decided to be with the one he already knows. They are still married, and after 18 years, it doesn’t look like that is going to change. Maybe Shawn is waiting for that “Till death do us part” part, to become a very rich retired gold digger.

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