Top 15 Scariest Movies of All Time

We are watching movies for many reasons. We are watching them when we want to be amused, when we want to escape from the everyday life problems, when we want to cry, or laugh, or just when we want to see the movie everyone is talking about. But, sometimes, some people are watching movies when they want to be scared. And before we continue, we have to warn you that if you don’t want to have nightmares, skip watching the movies from our list. On the other hand, if you just love that feeling of getting goosebumps down your spine, and enjoy having a terrifying experience while watching a scary movie, you are in for a treat!

We have selected the scariest movies ever presented on the big screen, and you will find the scariest and most jaw-dropping horror films in our list. So, without further ado, here are the Top 15 Scariest Movies of All Time.

1. The Exorcist (1973)

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This really creepy horror movie is based on a Novelle written by William Peter Blatty, and his book is about the real life situation, more precisely, the last official Catholic exorcism performed in the United States. In the movie, instead of the little boy that was involved in the real exorcism in 1949, you will see a little girl, Regan. The demanding role, especially since it was a 14 year old child, was played by Linda Blair.

In “The Exorcist”, Regan suddenly starts showing bizarre, demonic behavior, and becomes a real problem for her actress-mother, Chris MacNeil (Ellen Burstyn). When things get totally out of control, the mother asks for help from a young priest named Father Karras (played by Jason Miller). The priest immediately realizes that the little girl has been possessed by a demon, and decides to call Father Merrin (Max von Sydow), the exorcist.¬†Soon Father Merrin discovers that the demon inside the girl is not something that he will send back to hell that easily, and that he would not go without a fight. In the really scary scenes of the exorcism you will see how the priest, together with the girl, suffer endless horrors in their attempts to cast the demon out of the girl’s body. If you are looking for a movie that will freeze your bones with fear, this is the perfect one for you!

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