Top 16 of The Most Dangerous Female Villains Ever

3. Sandra Avila Beltran

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If Griselda Blanco was the number one female drug lord in the in the cocaine world, Sandra Avila Beltran, or “The Queen of The Pacific”, as she was known in the crime circles, is holding the second place. Her career path was set basically from the moment she was born, because she had the “luck” of being born in a well-known drug lord family. Sandra had a few romantic relationships with well-established kingpins and drug lords, which helped her in establishing her name in the world of crime and drug business in Mexico. She was in her 50s when she got arrested in 2007. She was charged with being a part of the attempt to transport 9 tons of cocain, in a ship that was supposed to sail to the U. S.A. After a four-year trial, she was convicted, and extradited to the US in following year, but was transferred back to Mexico in 2013, where she served the next two years, and last year, she was released. After pictures of the “Queen of the Pacific” wearing high heels and chic clothes in jail, emerged on the internet, she instantly became the crime world poster girl, and there are even reports of plastic surgeons being sneaked into the Mexican jail, for the “queens” regular shots of Botox. What can we say, money gives you power, and power allows you to do what ever you want to, even when in jail…

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