Top 20 Places In the World You Have to Put on Your Bucket List

Most of us are not even aware how beautiful our planet is, and how filled, it is with breathtaking places, both natural and man-made. Even if we had two life times, we wouldn’t have enough time to explore all that it offers. Some people consider traveling to be a luxury, while on the other hand, you have those who say that traveling is the only way to fulfill our life. In any case, the fact is that we were lucky enough to be born on this amazing planet, and we have to make sure that we see as much of it as possible, before our ride ends. So, for all of those who love to travel, here are 20 incredible places around the globe that are definitely worth checking out, before “checking out”.

20. Angkor Wat

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You have probably heard about the glorious Angkor Wat in Cambodia, but believe us, no story or picture can possibly prepare you for that unbelievable moment when the morning sun hits the world’s most daring religious beacon, and lights up the countryside around the Angkor Wat. Surrounded by around 200 other equally magnificent temples, the Angkor Wat represents the largest settlement complex in the world, built in the pre-industrial era, more precisely between the 9th and 15th centuries. To cover all 386 square miles of the former Khmer Empire, you will need at least two memory cards for your camera, one battery-operated fan with plenty of batteries, and three days of walking and taking pictures. But, even though you will probably be exhausted after you have seen the entire Angkor Wat, it will definitely be worth all the pain in your legs, and you will remember the mystical scenery till the end of your life.

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