Top 22 Amazing Festivals Around the World You Must Experience

If you love to travel, and are addicted to all kinds of festivals, you are on the right place my friend! We have made a list of the best and unique festivals that can be found on our beautiful planet. The celebrations we are about to present to you, are visited by millions of people, from all parts of the world, every year. Just by taking one look at the photos of the festivals, one would have a feeling that the visitors were waiting for the entire year for their favorite festival to come, and that they were extremely eager to be there and surf, party, dance, throw tomatoes or oranges, run from the bulls, dress up as dead people, burn stuff, and generally have tons of fun! Our list of Top 22 Amazing Festivals Around the World You Must Experience, shows you how to live your life to the max! Hope that you will catch the festival fever, just as we did when we saw how much fun the people who visit festivals are having. Let’s begin!

1. The Rio de Janeiro Carnival – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Everyone knows about the Carnaval in Rio, and everyone also knows that this is the biggest carnival there is. But how many people know that this carnival starts before Lent, and that it has been that way from all the way back to 1723? Every year, Rio welcomes more than 2 million people daily, for the festival, and they all come to have fun and dance the night off on the streets! As we already mentioned, it all began back in1723, but what we didn’t mention that it wasn’t a dancing festival in the beginning. At first, it was a food throwing festival, and people would go out in the streets, and have a “food war”. As the years went by, the festival changed, and the similar version of the festival as we know it today, started with the “Grandes Sociedades”. Together with a group of people from high society, the Emperor of Brasil would wear a mask and a luxurious costume, and he would participate the organized parades. Today, as we all know, the Rio Carnival is all about sexy dancers in amazing costumes, and breathtaking floats that represent various samba schools of Rio. So if you want to shake your tush in the rhythm of the samba, this carnival is the perfect place for you!

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