Top 22 Amazing Festivals Around the World You Must Experience

2. Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos) – Mexico

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One of the most popular holidays, among Mexicans, is the Dia de Los Muertos, or as we know it, the Day of the Dead. However, this day is also celebrated by other cultures as well, but the biggest festival on this day is in Mexico. On this day, people gather to honor their dead, and also to build private altars – “Ofrendas,” and show give respect to the dead members of the families, friends, and generally all the souls that are not among them, by bringing marigolds, sugar skulls, beverages, and food. We know that this might seem a bit spooky… ok, really spooky!… The Day of the Dead is actually a quite interesting and beautiful festival, and we will all visit it one way or the other, but we think that it is better to be there while we are still on this side of the realm…

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