Top 29 Scariest Haunted Places Around The Globe

It looks like the one of the things that lasts the longest, and can be found throughout all the countries in the world, is the appearance of ghosts. It doesn’t matter where you go, because in every country you fill hear about stories of ghosts appearing in certain places. And believe us, these are usually not the “scary” made up stories that are told around the campfires. Since there is no real proof, not yet at least, of what happens to people after they die, this is a topic that people seem to be obsessed with. This especially goes when it comes to answering the question if the spirits of the dead “go into the light” or stick around. OK, this was largely influenced by all the Hollywood movies and we have them to blame, but documented reports of supernatural disturbances do exist, and they exist in many countries, and go back several centuries. So you see, it doesn’t matter in what time period you live, or from what society you come from, everyone in the world is interested in ghosts, and it seems that they do show up from time to time.

We know that there are many places on the planet that are “haunted” and that they are more stories to scare little children than they are real ghost stories. For that reason, we have done our homework, and found the Top 30 Terrifying Haunted Places around the Globe that will make even the hardcore skeptics think again, and even feel goosebumps. Many of these places are known for being the site of traumatic and horrific deaths, either because of imprisonment within mental institutions or dungeons, or because of the murders. One gets the feeling that, the more evil the site’s history is, the more paranormal activity happens there, and believe us, the places you are going to read about, are definitely active! Most of the haunted places in our list are famous among paranormal researchers, and the paranormal activities there have been documented in writing long time ago, cutting out the possibility of the stereotypical “legend” tendency that many “haunted” places lean towards.  If you’re easily scared, you may want to reconsider reading our list, because the stories you are about to read are as haunting as the sites they talk about.

1. Monte Cristo Homestead, Australia

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When you take into consideration all the violent and tragic deaths happened in this place, it’s no wonder that this is the most haunted location in Australia.  More than 10 people have died suddenly on this estate, accidental deaths have occurred, some have been viciously murdered, and all this has led to a really high paranormal activity throughout the entire estate. The Monte Cristo Homestead is one of the most popular Australia’s ghost tourist attractions, but everyone who enters the estate is warned that they are entering the premesis on their own risk… Would you dare to enter?

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