Top 9 Healthy Alcohol Drinks

If you had a busy summer with one too many barbecue parties, and if before you noticed, a few extra layers of fat have attacked your stomach, we have a solution for you. We offer you our list of the Top 9 Healthy Alcohol Drinks that will give that buzz we are all looking for, but at the same time keep you fit.

You definitely want to look good for the next summer, right? And it is definitely not worth mentioning that you also want to feel good while drinking your favorite drink, especially after that bad hangover after the all night drinking marathon, and passing out in the morning! So, what is the secret of relaxing with an alcoholic drink, and allowing yourself to actually enjoy the drink without passing out and waking up with a head size of a zeppelin? It’s easy, just drink one of the 9 drinks from our healthy list of adult beverages.

In our search for the healthiest booze, we had to turn the internet upside down, and take into account not only the number of calories a certain alcoholic drink contains, but also some other factors like a cocktail’s comprehensive health profile. So, after a thorough research, we managed to find the healthiest (as possible) alcoholic drinks, and after doing the math, which included caloric density, sugar content, nutrient value, medicinal properties, antioxidant level, as well as a potential for being combined with fruit and vegetables.


Having in mind that the term “Healthy” can be pretty subjective, we have to say that not a single drink on this list is healthy when you drink too much of it! By the words of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, when we say “drinking in moderation” it means that women should not have more than 1 alcoholic drink per day, while men are allowed to have 2 daily. Yes, we know it is unfair to women! And this is not some sexist claim, but a scientifically proven fact that says that the male body can process alcohol faster than the female body, thus, men get drunk slower than women. The fact is that the human body recognizes alcohol as a toxin, and it can only process so much, so quickly, regardless of in what form you drink it. With that being said, the drinks from our list can be considered healthier than other alcoholic drinks, but that doesn’t mean that if you drink a gallon of it, you won’t get drunk and feel sick later. The fewer the shots, or glasses, or maybe mugs, the fewer the calories in your body, and the lesser is the risk of long term health issues. Furthermore, if you have problems with stoping after one or two drinks, daily, you are an alcoholic, and you should avoid the booze and seek the appropriate treatment options. If you don’t have a problem with having just one or two drinks during the day, and you want to lower the intake of calories, and perhaps get some nutrients and vitamins along the way, you should definitely check out our list. Some people are looking to keep calories down, some are looking to get vitamins and nutrients. Without further ado, we present you the healthy alcoholic drinks.

1. Vodka Soda

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Ingredients: Soda water and Vodka

Yes, we know that if you want to keep an eye on your calorie intake, you should drink vodka and soda, because this drink is probably at the top of the low-calorie alcoholic drink list. However, even though you won’t get fat from it, it doesn’t mean that this drink is totally safe for your health. Yup, it can be dangerous… You might fall asleep while drinking it because it is such a damn boring drink! If you think that falling asleep drunk isn’t dangerous, think again, you can choke in your drunk sleep and die… As far as the calories are concerned, average vodka comes with 96 calories per 1.5 ounces, while soda water is without the calories. But, this drink doesn’t contain a nutritional value at all, and you might consider having another favorite drink.

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