Would You Go Out Like This? – 30 of the Hottest and the Most Amazing examples of Body Art


spiderwoman bodypaint

“Sure, body paint is cool, but I wouldn’t go out like that! No way!”, this is the answer most of people would give when asked: “Would you go out like this?”. Heck, I am the first one that will openly say that I would be too embarrassed to go out in public wearing nothing but pain, no matter how good the artist is! However, what if we told you that the girls you will see in our article are so well painted that most of us wouldn’t even noticed that the clothes they are wearing is just  painting on their bodies… Before you continue, we must warn you that the following images are not for those with a weak heart, because the girls are just HOT!! And, yes, the body paint is awesome! Keep reading to see more.


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